Meet Virgil

I’m Virgil Watkins Jr., and I’m running for Mayor as a Democrat in 2020 because I believe I can make the most of Macon’s opportunities and overcome our many challenges.  


Once I understood the magnitude of the problems we are facing, our community, and that even our most forward-thinking politicians were not going to take the steps necessary to stem the tide, I had no choice but to act by running for Mayor. I’m the father of one daughter. I know the country my daughter will grow up in is going to be very different than the one I grew up in, and I want to look back at my life knowing I did everything in my power to create the kind of future our children deserve—a Macon-Bibb County that is clean, safe, efficient and offers an abundance of opportunity.


I am realistic about our challenges: the rise of decaying communities overrun with blighted homes, worsening healthcare outcome, widening disparities in educational outcomes, the proliferation of gun violence, and a rapidly changing job market. As your Mayor, I will take decisive action to reverse these trends, level the playing field and create a fair system where every Maconite has a chance to thrive..


I’m not a career politician—I’m a public servant, entrepreneur, vintage millennial, life-long Maconnite who loves this community, and understands our economy. It is clear to me that before Macon can reach its full potential we must focus on the basics of putting People First, by crafting a community that is Clean & Safe; by using the tools of our government, and best practices from around the world. I am committed to completely eliminate blight in our residential neighborhoods. I will find and implement new and innovative ways to rid our community of gun violence and property crimes by supporting and leading the fight for common sense gun reform and installing a county-wide network of CCTV cameras.


I urge you to join me. No one else is going to build a better community for all of us. We’re going to have to do it ourselves. Together.


People First,


Virgil's Legislative  Background

District 8 Project Completions Since 2014

Through strategic partnerships with New town Macon our Downtown development authority, Mercer University, and other civic organizations to complete several key projects these include;

  • Completed the installation of Cities First Roundabout at College St. & Oglethorpe St.

  • Completion of Second Street Vision Block, The first phase project of newly established Tax Allocation District

  • Supported the creation of $5 million revolving loan fund for Downtown development projects

  • Various College Hill Corridor Initiatives

  • Dannenberg Lofts Completion providing gap financing for project completion, 32 lofts and $8 million investment.

  • Lamar Drug Store Loft Conversion providing Gap financing for project completion, 12 lofts and 4 million investment

  • Ground Breaking of Macon Charter Academy, a $4 million project once completed.

  • Mercer University Loft Development, Pedestrian Bridge and Mercer U, main entrance relocation

  • Established the cities first Business Improvement District, Eisenhower Education Corridor, focusing on beautification and safety in conjunction with Macon Mall

  • Currently working to create Downtown Community Improvement District in conjunction with Newtown Macon

  • Approval of downtown’s first pedestrian bridge, though partnership with Mercer University creating a new enhanced gateway for campus and downtown Macon.

  • Has worked with Macon film commission to bring Filming of “42”, “Need for Speed”, & “5th Wave” movie productions to district.

  • Low Income Tax Credit, approval for affordable housing developments within district. AL Miller High School and Tindal Heights

  • Community Garden installation @ Ingram-Pye Elementary School, Thru a partnership with Leadership Macon

  • Redeveloping a passive park from a, of series of lots that were recently demolished to be known as Pinnacle Park

Authoring Sponsor, Non-Budget Legislative Initiatives

  • Successful negotiation of the closing of Wing’s Café, a violent non-compliant night club

  • Hosting Community Intervention Workshop Series that focus on panel discussions on community improvements

  • Freedom Park Boxing Center Conversion, thru SPLOTS funds, facility has hosted Junior Olympic and Regional Golden Gloves

  • Ordinance establishing community gardens

  • Sponsored amendments to code allowing golf carts on certain downtown streets

  • Various Ordinances regulating the usage of amusement gaming machines.

Authoring Sponsor, Budget & Appropriations Initiatives:

  • Securing of $10 Million worth of Bond funds for Blight Elimination and housing demo

  • Securing of $2.3 million in bond funds for Wise Ave. re-purposing for school athletic facility

  • Securing of $2 million in bond funds for College St. improvements

  • Securing of $3.2 million in bond funds for Mercer University Pedestrian Bridge

  • Tireless advocate for Welfare, Arts & Cultural program funding

Our Campaign