Improve Right of Way Upkeep

Short Statement: The importance of keeping our right ways cut and cleaned cannot be understated. For tourists, potential investors and students, getting off our exits and seeing overgrown and unkempt right-ways sends a message of a community that does not care about it image. In order to promote a clean and efficient city the county must take better care of its sidewalks and right of ways, by maintaining a consistently high standard for the mowing, litter, and street sweeping efforts.

Problems to Be solved

Problems to Be solved

  • To clean up right of ways and raise the acceptable standard of care, to a level that we can all take pride in.

guiding principles:

  • Taking the Lead. Putting Service First. Higher Quality of Care. Pride in Presentation.


To maintain clean manicured right of ways from county line, to county line. Showing no difference in care or quality regardless if street is a major highway, or  internal residential area. Our primary goal is to provide the best service and create the cleanest city possible.

As Mayor, I will...

As Mayor, I will ensure that we maintain the resources necessary cleanup are done timely and in away that creates a culture of cleanliness. Our right aways, interstate exits, entrances. Ensuring all our residential streets are cleaned, swept with clean manicured sidewalks. Vacants lot I will accomplish this by ensuring that public works and beautification departments have the resources in terms of staff and equipment necessary to accomplish the job efficiently and timely, using the latest technology for routing efficiencies. We will equip our staff with the best equipment available.  We will Empower communities, neighborhood groups, and associations with the tools they need to keep a clean community this includes support and engagement from code enforcement, a stronger connection with Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful to provide all of the tools, training and resources that our community needs to empower its self.

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