Landfill Closure

Short Statement: In the near future the County will have to close its landfill, and either outsource its storage of garbage or begin the process of acquiring a large tract of land far from residential or commercial development due to the effect of reducing  property values, and creating environmental impact concerns.

Problems to Be solved

Problems to Be solved

  • Finding the most responsible, and cost efficient way to dispose of our collected solid waste and recyclable materials.

  • To improve, the timeliness of collection of curb-side collections. So that ALL curbside waste can be collected within a week.

guiding principles:


To close our current landfill in accordance with EPA guidelines and to find new method of disposing of our community’s waste.

  • To dispose of our communities solid waste & recyclables (trash) in the most environmentally friendly and economically efficient way possible.

As Mayor, I will...

As mayor I'm committed to using our current SPLOST funds to build a small transfer station within our community to deal with daily household items. For larger long-term waste disposal we should partner with our surrounding communities using the landfill space available already available in the region to dispose of our trash in the long-term.

Legislative Accomplishments Timeline

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