Closing The Equity Gap

in Internet Access

In Macon-Bibb, Black households are more than twice as likely as white households to be without access to high speed internet at home. this Inequity is a problem because internet is increasingly  a requirement to fully participate in public life. From applying for jobs to doing homework, access to fast, reliable internet is crucial to making the most of opportunities in todays' world. 

Progressive Policy Solutions To Create Equity in Internet Access

  • Provide Universal internet access County Wide

  • Use public Infrastructure to provide for more public internet hot spots throughout the county

  • Use the public infrastructure to create more affordable options and competition for home based internet access

  • Use target universalism to ensure that low income communities of color are capable, by providing robust technical support and internet literacy training 

Guiding Principles:

  • In order to fully partcipate in public life access to high speed internet is increasingly becoming a necessity 


To Create a community where all citizens have access to affordable high quality in wireless internet access. To better utilize public infrastructure as a medium for expanding internet access from county line to county line.

As Mayor, I will...

As Mayor I will implement a universal wireless internet program that targets low income communities of color with efforts provide high speed internet, by providing free or low cost high quality internet. By leveraging publicly owned infrastructure in the county to lower cost and increase competition in this monopolized industry. 

Legislative Accomplishments Timeline:

Update Pending