End illegal Dumping

Short Statement:

The lack of a centralized inert landfills has led to a rise in cases of illegal dumping throughout the County. The County must commit itself to cleaning up these Community eyesores. We must realize that we must take both proactive and reactive approach to end this activity. Cases of illegal dumping do not happen the community provides a centralized location at a low cost via transfer station and using our Emergency Management agency to investigate and penalize those who choose to dump trash illegally.

Problems to Be solved

Problems to Be solved

  • To Clean the more than 2000 lots in the community that have illegally dumped waste

  • This problem is most common near, dead-ends, cul-de-sacs, and near Interstate exits. The common location trends, along with the types of waste commonly found, construction materials used car tires suggest that a significant portion of illegal dumping is committed by the commercial business community.

guiding principles:

  • To dispose of our communities solid waste & recyclables (trash) in the most environmentally friendly and economically efficient way possible.


To create clean communities that are free from debris and dangerous materials.

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