Ending Poverty in Macon-Bibb

Living in a state of poverty comes with many other costs. Poverty is a contributing factor to other racial inequities throughout our county, from lack of access to performing schools and healthy food to avoiding pretrial detention. Financial stressors such as court fines and traffic tickets have much greater impact on low-income households than others. Low-income individuals are more likely to turn to predatory lending to cover basic expenses and are less likely to be able to complete their college education. In addition, poverty is well known to negatively impact mental and physical health of people.

Problems to Be solved




  • In Macon-Bibb more than 20% of adults are living below the poverty line

  • Why is there racial disparity in Adult Poverty?

  • A What can Macon-Bibb do to reduce racial disparities in Adult Poverty?

  • A What initiatives are currently underway to reduce racial disparities in Adult Poverty?

guiding principles:

Policy ideas that end poverty

  • Raise the Minimum Wage

  • End Predatory Lending

  • Expand Earned Income and Child Tax Credits

  • Create Individual and Family Development Accounts

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