Install outdoor Security Cameras through out the county

In order to achieve a safer communities, many cities have begun using technology installing high definition security cameras on the county's existing light polls thru an existing program partnership with Georgia Power.

Problems to Be solved

Problems to Be solved

  • To reduce the rate of 

guiding principles:


To eliminate all substandard housing in Macon-Bibb thru direct intervention the County and Land Bank Authority, must aggressively pursue owners and corporations and hold them accountable for the conditions of their property, and where appropriate be willing to acquire, manage, and clear titles and liens to aid in development and neighborhood restoration. 

As Mayor, I will...

As Mayor it will be will be one of my early priorities to quickly eliminate  all the substandard residential properties in the county. In order to accomplish this goal, I will fund this iniaitive with a $35 million Bond Issuance in order to fund the acquisition and remediation of all open cases, by courts and code enforcement county-wide.  

Legislative Accomplishments Timeline

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